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Tae Kwon Do School - Tae Kwon Do Training in Enumclaw Washington - Tae Kwon Do Connection: TaeKwonDo, Classes
Taekwondo School in Enumclaw - Taekwondo Class Schedule: Training, Classes, Kids, Adults
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About Us - Taekwondo Connection - Taekwondo School: Training Self Defense in Enumclaw Washington

 TaeKwonDo Class Schedule - Taekwondo Classes for Kids & Adults - School in Enumclaw, Washington 

Tiny Tigers
*Pre TaeKwonDo: Kids ages 4-5

These classes are tailored to young children. The beginning training includes basic stances, kicks, and punches. Appropriate-use is highly stressed to each student. Kids practice their beginning training in each class and along with fun energetic games that help keep kids focused and promote listening and following directions, participating in group activities, coordination and balance, confidence and self control. Includes T-shirt, no uniform required.
Tuesday Class
Thursday Class

*Family Style Classes for Adults & Kids ages 6 and up
Learn basic stances, punches, blocks and kicks. Practice in each class builds strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Discipline, respect, self-esteem and physical abilities are developed with patience and time.

Monday & Wednesday
    6:05 - 6:55pm
Tuesday & Thursday
    6:05 - 6:55pm

Intermediate / Advanced
* Instructor recommendation ONLY

Monday & Wednesday
    7:05 - 7:55pm
Tuesday & Thursday

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TaeKwonDo Connection

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